Merry Christmas!

Don’t you think this adorable gingerman deserves something better, than getting eaten?

Well, at least I think so. Anyways, Fun2 draw helped me! Yes, of course. She always does. 

I drew the picture using a 2B pencil, and a rubber and sharpener. Also it was drawn last year, 22nd December, 2016.

Majesty Unicorns 

This shows a picture of Twilight Sparkle in human form.I just love the way some of her hair is on her shoulder. And if you know MLP, ( My Little Pony ) than you will recognize this picture immediately.

I imagined this picture by myself, and I’m very proud of it.

It was drawn using: a HB pencil, a fineliner, and a sharpener. It was in 2015, almost three/two years ago. Do you like it?

2 Little Fishies 

Look, 2 little fishies! I drew them AGAIN, with the help of Fun2draw. Which one do you like best?

I drew them today, 18th January, 2017.

I drew it with the following: HB pencil, Maser Rubber. I hope you like them! 😊

A Cute Meerkat

This shows a picture of a cute meerkat😊. It was drawn again, with the help of Fun2draw.

I think it looks adorable. Don’t you think so? Anyways, I drew this picture October 1st, last year in 2016.

I drew it with a 2B pencil, and a rubber.

Just Under Two Minutes!

It looks very impressive eh? And yes, I drew it under two minutes! But the colouring isn’t included.

It was with the help of Fun2draw, again. She is very helpful.

I drew ir using: a HB pencil, a rubber, and, a sharpener.

I drew it on March, 2016.😌

A Beautiful Rose

This rose was drawn, again, with the help of Fun2draw! It was really easy to draw, that anyone can draw it!

I drew it last year, in March 2016. It was a good experience.

I drew the picture using: a HB pencil, as always, a rubber, and a brand new sharpener.

I also coloured it in, using some new pencils I had bought with my Mum.

Some Pretty Flowers

These pictures show some pretty flowers. 

They were drawn using watercolors, and different types of brushes.

I drew only one of them, and my Mum drew the other one. I drew this one this year, 12 January 2017.

Which one do you think is better? By the way, my picture is on the bottom.

1 Plate, 1 Capsicum

This shows a picture of 1 Capsicum, and 1 plate. This was actually based on an real thing. I think that the plates’ design is incredible, but I didn’t draw it to well compared to the actual design.

I drew the whole thing with a fine liner, especially using no rubber.

I coloured it in with standard, fine texters.

The Dragon Type Pokémon

This is Dragonair, the dragon type Pokémon. It is also the evolved form of Dratini.

I drew this with the help of DrawSoCute. I drew it last year, October 13th.

I drew the picture using the following: another HB pencil, a black texter, an eraser and sharpener.

A Beautiful Naiad

This is a picture of a naiad. Naiads are a part of Greek mythology, so they would be a fresh water spirit.

The naiad was drawn with a HB pencil, as always, and I actually used the eraser quite a lot.

I imagined it and drew it all by myself. I also  love the way her flower handband tilts to one side.