Scraggy Kitten

This a more…scraggy and wild looking kitten, so that is why I named the title ‘Scraggy’.  I used a HB pencil, one 7B pencil and a FABER CASTELL brand rubber.  They are practically the same utensils I used in my previous picture, ‘Wolf Head Sketch.’ Anyway, please enjoy this young kitten sketch, although it didn’t take me quite as long as it took me to draw the Wolf Head. Also, I used a different type of paper. (Again, to be more specific, it’s ‘watercolour’ paper…I don;t know why exactly). Nevertheless, please enjoy!

Wolf Head Sketch

It’s finally here! Here is my Wolf Head Sketch, drawn on (accidentally) ‘Creative PL. Artist Collection’ watercolour paper. I’ve only used a HB pencil, 7B pencil and a FABER CASTELL brand rubber. I hope you all enjoy it; it took me about 5 1/2 hours to finish sketching this picture. Of course, I give credit to Markcrilley on YouTube for posting educational videos on how-to-draw structures, animals, etc. Enjoy!

Of all my Possessions, From which one would I least like to be parted?

My books, evidently, have meant a lot to me over the past years. Whenever I am particularly bored, I simply retrieve a book from the top of my bookshelf. It could be any book-science fiction to picture ones to chapter books.

I would be greatly agitated if my entire collection of books were to be donated, or taken away. I would least like to be parted from my beloved books, as all books are different in stories, text sizes and coloured illustrations (except for all the books that were printed as an exact replica of another book).

The range of books I have had since I was five, include: picture books, science fiction books, chapter books, real stories, normal fiction books, non-fiction books and even a “learning numbers and shapes” colouring book.

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Think of a Common Phrase or Sentence which your Teacher used in Certain Situations

I beamed at my piano teacher, and began playing the first lines of ‘Canon in D Major’ by Johann Pachelbel, arranged by Fred Kern. My teacher’s foot repeatedly hit the ground, like a metronome. Shortly after she had explained how and when to play the notes, she asked,” So you understand it now?” I nodded quietly.

” Very good; now we shall look at the Menuett by Mozart.”

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What Would Happen if all the Clocks stopped?

Adeline furrowed her brow as she checked her plastic wrist-watch, for the third time that afternoon. The time still showed two-twenty-nine, as it had previously one hour ago.

Out of curiosity, Adeline carefully stepped downstairs and into the kitchen. She immediately strode over to the clock hanging on the wall opposite the windows. The time on there showed two-thirty. “Al this time, has only one minute passed?” She muttered in disbelief as she checked her wristwatch again.

“This is becoming stupid,” decided Adeline.”I’d better call Sylvia and ask her what in the world is happening to the assortment of clocks.” Continue reading “What Would Happen if all the Clocks stopped?”

What is Your Favourite and Least Favourite Vegetable?

“Sophie…Sophie, come and eat me! My delicious, crispy leaves are beyond your taste buds!”

The faint, lettuce smells from my dinner table always satisfy my nose. This is why I have always treasured the Crispy Iceberg lettuce.

Firstly, fresh, thoroughly washed lettuce is wonderfully healthy. They are a flavourable taste to the mouth, and easily disintegrate into shreds. I can eat with just about everything-a range from serving it with spaghetti to dumplings.

Although, I just absolutely HATE red chilli peppers. I only have had one once, but even the tiniest microscopic piece made my entire mouth, throat and nose burn like a raging fire. I have never liked their red surface