A Cute Meerkat

This shows a picture of a cute meerkat😊. It was drawn again, with the help of Fun2draw.

I think it looks adorable. Don’t you think so? Anyways, I drew this picture October 1st, last year in 2016.

I drew it with a 2B pencil, and a rubber.

Just Under Two Minutes!

It looks very impressive eh? And yes, I drew it under two minutes! But the colouring isn’t included.

It was with the help of Fun2draw, again. She is very helpful.

I drew ir using: a HB pencil, a rubber, and, a sharpener.

I drew it on March, 2016.😌

A Beautiful Rose

This rose was drawn, again, with the help of Fun2draw! It was really easy to draw, that anyone can draw it!

I drew it last year, in March 2016. It was a good experience.

I drew the picture using: a HB pencil, as always, a rubber, and a brand new sharpener.

I also coloured it in, using some new pencils I had bought with my Mum.

Some Pretty Flowers

These pictures show some pretty flowers. 

They were drawn using watercolors, and different types of brushes.

I drew only one of them, and my Mum drew the other one. I drew this one this year, 12 January 2017.

Which one do you think is better? By the way, my picture is on the bottom.

1 Plate, 1 Capsicum

This shows a picture of 1 Capsicum, and 1 plate. This was actually based on an real thing. I think that the plates’ design is incredible, but I didn’t draw it to well compared to the actual design.

I drew the whole thing with a fine liner, especially using no rubber.

I coloured it in with standard, fine texters.

The Dragon Type Pokémon

This is Dragonair, the dragon type Pokémon. It is also the evolved form of Dratini.

I drew this with the help of DrawSoCute. I drew it last year, October 13th.

I drew the picture using the following: another HB pencil, a black texter, an eraser and sharpener.

A Beautiful Naiad

This is a picture of a naiad. Naiads are a part of Greek mythology, so they would be a fresh water spirit.

The naiad was drawn with a HB pencil, as always, and I actually used the eraser quite a lot.

I imagined it and drew it all by myself. I also  love the way her flower handband tilts to one side.

3D Seahorse

It looks amazing doesn’t it?! This one is a bit different. I drew/copied it from a book. 

 I drew this picture on the 3rd January, 2017. A fact about seahorses: seahorses propel themselves by using a small fin on their back that flutters up to 35 times per second.

I drew it using a HB pencil, and an eraser to rub out useless lines.

Cute Baby Horse

This is the picture of a cute, baby horse. And of course Fun2draw helped me, AGAIN.

A newborn baby horse is called “A Foal”, and their cute, fluffy manes are adorable.

I drew this baby horse using another HB pencil, and eraser for rubbing out mistakes.

A Plump Little Clownfish

I think this chubby little clownfish looks a lot like Nemo! Just swimming about like he just doesn’t care.
This was drawn with  HB and 2B pencil. Again, almost everytime, Fun2draw helped me draw it.

Fun2draw is an awesome YouTuber and she can draw awesome manga and anime.