A Plump Little Clownfish

I think this chubby little clownfish looks a lot like Nemo! Just swimming about like he just doesn’t care.
This was drawn with  HB and 2B pencil. Again, almost everytime, Fun2draw helped me draw it.

Fun2draw is an awesome YouTuber and she can draw awesome manga and anime.

Enchanted Garden

This beautiful picture was drawn using watercolor paints. I have imagined many different, beautiful scenes, but I chose to draw this scene in which the leaves on trees can exist in many colors.

I drew this one quite a long time ago, last year, 25th March.

The picture also includes a crystal clear waterfall, and as the water gently falls, leaves fly everywhere. 

Bad Blood

This is a picture of Taylor Swift, during her music video called “Bad Blood”, which also why the title was named after it.

Again, with the help of one of the best YouTube artists, Fun2draw, I drew this perfect, moment picture.

Also using a HB pencil, and eraser, but at the end outlining the the picture with a fine, black texter.Her striking black eyeliner looks gorgeous, don’t you think?


I drew this photo last year, October 18th.

I drew this picture with a HB pencil, and using a eraser to rub out mistakes.

With the help of YouTube, I was able to draw this cute Fun2draw style eevee. 

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